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We are on a mission to transform the health and well being of the world

We support sustainable agriculture and the production of healing foods.


We focus our efforts especially on at-risk and vulnerable communities.

We are a team of dedicated, altruistic, talented and visionary people, those who have worked tirelessly to support communities in need.


We are directors of orphanages, organizers, gardeners, farmers, administrators, doctors, nurses, scientists, filmmakers and artists.


Tom Monte

President of The Monte Foundation

Author, Teacher

Tom Monte is among the world’s most prolific authors and teachers of natural healing and personal transformation. He has written 35 books and many hundreds of articles on health, healing, medicine, complementary healing modalities, and personal transformation. Tom conducts ongoing workshops and programs on health, healing, intimate relationships, and personal development in the U.S., Europe, and South Africa.

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Christina Monte, PhD

General Manager | Board Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist 

Dr. Christina Monte is a natural health practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine, specifically Autoimmune Disease and Gut Issues. Dr. Monte helps chronically ill people regain their health using a holistic, natural, individualized approach.


Tom Monte – President of Monte Foundation for Creating a Healthier World

Christina Monte, Ph.D. – General Manager and Certified Functional Nutritionist of Monte Foundation for Creating a Healthier World

Paul Palandjian - Businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Dionne Palandjian - Artist, philanthropist, healing arts practitioner, nutrition, and wellness

Paul Andrade - Director of Information Technology

Toby Monte - Secretary/Treasurer

Kris Meyer - American film and television producer

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